Amicus Online Hosted Exchange

If you want to use Amicus Online, but do not now have your emails coming through a Microsoft® Exchange®server, no problem! 

Amicus can provide you with Exchange too. Of course, the Amicus Exchange is hosted, so like Amicus Online itself, there is nothing for you to do but use it and enjoy it.

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have about it.

What are the advantages of using Microsoft Exchange?

Amicus Hosted Exchange is an inexpensive way to get all the advantages of the world’s leading email server, without any of the burden of having to set it up or maintain it.

Some of the email features you get with Exchange that you are probably missing if you do not now have it include:

  • Advanced email security. (
  • Greater privacy (e.g. if you are using Gmail, Google’s license agreement expressly gives them the right to retain your emails and use them for various purposes, including advertising services. And they’ve recently announced they’re going to use the contents of your emails in their search engine too.).
  • Greater reliability.
  • Greater stability and uptime.
  • Advanced SPAM filtering.
  • Seamless connections with Microsoft Outlook & Apple Mail – no plug-ins required. Full use of folders in those applications. Offline access to email through these applications.
  • Real-time access to email on hundreds of compatible devices. (

Do I have to use Amicus Exchange with Amicus Online?

Not at all. Amicus Online requires that you have your email coming through an Exchange server, but you certainly don’t have to use the one we offer.

Many firms have their own Exchange server. And there are many companies who offer to “host” Exchange for you – which means they take care of running it, and you just get your email through it. Use any of these that you want. For example, you could deal directly with Intermedia, the company that Amicus itself uses (see below).

How reliable is Amicus Hosted Exchange?

A Hosting Exchange with the reliability a law firm requires takes world-class expertise. That’s why Amicus uses the world’s largest and best provider of hosted Exchange: Intermedia.

  • Hosting Exchange with the reliability a law firm requires takes world-class expertise. That’s why Amicus uses the world’s largest and best provider of hosted Exchange: Intermedia. (
  • Intermedia hosts Exchange for over 500,000 customers. 
  • Located in California, New Jersey, London, Colorado and Virginia, their data centers are state-of-the-art. 
  • They have 24/7 support and guarantee 99.999% uptime. 
  • In addition to regular backups they provide data replication in real time from one set of premium hardware to another, so that even if a server totally fails another can instantly provide you with your email.
  • Their physical and cyber security is outstanding. Intermedia is SAS 70 Type II certified. Click here for more details.  (
  • They have won multiple awards, including Reader’s Choice as the top hosted Exchange provider from (
  • They received a perfect score from for the quality of their technical support – the only hosted Exchange provider to achieve this. (

How do I get set up on Exchange?

It’s really simple. When you first log into Amicus, it will ask you if you now have Exchange. If you say you do not, it will set it up for you. Just a few questions to answer, and you instantly have Exchange! After the free trial period, there is a small additional cost per month for using Amicus Hosted Exchange.

Can I keep my old email address?


Yes you can. If you already have your own domain name, the old address remains the same with Amicus, so effectively nothing changes, except for the improved quality of your email server, and the flexibility with which you can manage your email. 

If you did not have your own domain name before and want to keep using an old Gmail-like email address, you can. With a few simple settings, all the email you send and receive can be both in your Amicus Exchange account and in your old account.

We’d be happy to help you set this up (or do it yourself – it only takes a minute). It’s up to you, but we recommend getting a domain name or using one that we provide. Most clients would find a proper domain name to be much more professional than “Gmail” or “Hotmail”.

How do “Domain Names” impact my setup?

Here’s how it works. You already have an email address. There are a couple of different types of these, and what yours is will impact how you set things up.

Domain names are the words that are at the end of an email address – e.g. “”. Many firms obtain their own domain names, as these provide a much more professional image when communicating with clients. If you have your own web site, you probably have a domain name.

If you have your own domain name your email address will stay the same – it can simply be directed through the Amicus Hosted Exchange server. We will help you do this – it takes about a day after you subscribe. You will find tremendous improvements in your email service after it’s done!

If you do not have a domain name, your email address probably now ends in something like “” or “”. In that case, you have 3 choices: 
(1) use one of the very professional domains offered by Amicus for free; 
(2) get whatever domain name you like (they’re easy to get and cost almost nothing); or
(3) keep using your existing email address.

If you do not already have Exchange, when you first set up Amicus it will provide you with a domain name. 
For example, if your firm name is Cooper, it will suggest to you a name like

There are lots of choices – pick one you like, and make your firm name whatever you like as well.
After that it’s up to you. You can make that your new email address, get a different custom one, or keep using your old one.

Can I move my contacts, calendar etc. from my old email system to Amicus Exchange?

Of course! It’s easy – you can do it yourself, or we’d be happy to help.

I’m using Google Apps for email, calendar & contacts – how does this work with Amicus?

That depends on what you want, and why you are using Google Apps.

Firstly, it is easy to keep Google Apps email working in parallel to Amicus. As mentioned above, with a few simple settings, all the email you send and receive can be both in your Amicus Exchange account and in a Google account.

However, it is not clear why you would want to do so, especially if you have your own domain name. Exchange provides superior email services. There really is no reason to keep a Gmail account going. If you have concerns, please call us so we can help you address them.

Can I stop using Amicus Exchange, and move my email to something else?

Yes. You can move your email to another system at any time. If you want to keep using Amicus Online, then it needs to be someone else’s Exchange that you move it to – your own or a different 3rd party hosting service.

If you decide you want to stop using Amicus Online altogether, then you can move your email where-ever you like – Exchange, Gmail, or any “pop3” email system. Your calendar and contacts can of course be moved as well.

Can I get help moving data in or out of Exchange?

Of course! We’d be happy to help. For some services there is a small fee. Or you can do these things yourself – they’re not complicated. Full instructions are provided in the Knowledge Base that you will find in the Support Center inside Amicus Online itself.