Amicus Online takes care of everything you need for billing.

Monitor Work-in-Progress

Amicus Online’s WIP view lets you know at a glance where you stand on each of your files. You can see the unbilled fees, expenses and total WIP for each, plus trust account balances and the date of the last invoice. 

Every day when you first log in, Amicus checks your WIP and reminds you to bill files with WIP that is getting too high.

Send Invoices

When you’re ready to bill, just select a file and click. The professional billing capabilities are incredibly easy to use. 

With a few more clicks you can select what you want to include on the bill, and what format it should take. If there’s money on retainer or in trust, it can be applied to the bill. When you’re ready to finalize the bill, you can save it as a pdf or in Excel, where you can add whatever customization you want.

Streamline client billing with the Batch Billing feature, which lets you create invoices for multiple clients with a few mouse clicks. Select clients with unbilled fees and expenses and optionally choose to include Files that are set to fixed fee arrangements or accounts with existing balances. Send a bill to Draft for review or finalize it immediately. Choose to print your bills or email them directly to your clients.

Amicus even does an email sending the bill to your client. Click Send and it’s done. It couldn’t be any easier.

Track Payments

Amicus makes it easy to track incoming funds from clients; be it for payment of bills or deposits to their Trust Accounts. You can enter receipts against individual bills or pay multiple invoices for a client from a single payment. Optional integrated credit card processing helps improve your cash flow by allowing you to accept client payments by credit card. Payment and Trust Reports make it easy to track incoming monies on a monthly basis.


Unfortunately, not every client pays promptly. Amicus helps you with your accounts receivable as well. You can get a report on them for all the details. When you first log in each morning Amicus will alert you if any are getting old. And at any time you can use the amazing Collections Assistant to send reminders to stale accounts. 


When it comes to the financial side of your practice, it is helpful to have lots of reports that document your transactions and give you an analysis of where you stand. Amicus Online gives these to you.

I recommend this product, and the company service behind it is excellent.
— Douglas Holbrook, Holbrook & Assoc.