Contacts and Conflicts


The most important aspect of your practice is the people with whom you work. Amicus helps you keep track of them, contact them and keep in touch. It’s easy to organize your contacts.

You probably already have several address books. There’s one on your smartphone. There’s one in your Outlook. Maybe another on your iPad. You need to keep all those coordinated. And now we are adding a fourth? Relax! Amicus Online will coordinate contacts on all those devices, so you can have a single address book everywhere you go.

For example, let’s say your secretary opens a new file in Amicus, and enters the client’s information on the file. That evening, you want to call the client. You pick up your smartphone, and the contact information is already there! A few weeks later your colleague uses her Outlook to add a new email for that client. You see it the next time you log into Amicus.

Conflict Checks


Comprehensive conflict of interest searching. An essential part of practice management.

Conflicts of interest can arise from such a wide variety of previous relationships. Only you can make the determination as to whether or not a conflict exists. You need to have everything possible in front of you when you do so. Just searching names of previous clients is not enough. Even a search of all your contacts won’t do it.

Amicus Online helps you look at everything. When you give Amicus a name to check for conflicts, it searches everywhere. Of course all your contacts and files, including anything you’ve put into custom fields on them. It also searches all your phone calls and emails on all your files. So for example if there was a reference to that name in the body of an email, or you made a note of it in a phone call, it will show up in a conflict search. Amicus even goes through the full text of all your documents looking for the name.

Amicus Online gives you the confidence that comes from thoroughness. Reduce your risk. That’s why most insurance carriers will give you a discount on your insurance if you use Amicus Online.

I recommend this product, and the company service behind it is excellent.
— Douglas Holbrook, Holbrook & Assoc.