Our lives are filled with documents. Contracts, deeds, mortgages, pleadings, transcripts, filings, registrations, wills, forms, and so many more. All so important to the practice of law.

Amicus Online gives you tremendous help at managing your documents. Click to attach a document to the file it relates to in Amicus. The document is immediately stored on that file. Online. Which means you can find it whenever you need it, wherever you are, on any computer or tablet. Anyone else in your firm who is working on that file can see it as well. It is secure and backed up. 

Organize your documents into sub-folders (e.g. “pleadings” or “correspondence”). Or organize them by category (e.g. “deeds” or “retainers”). Or both. 
Search through all your documents to find anything you need. Find any word in any document on any file.  As easy as Google®. Vaguely recall that sometime in the past you gave an opinion concerning “nimbus lex praxi”? Find it again in a flash. View it with a click. 

Drafting a legal document can be a multi-step process. Each version of the same document is saved separately in Amicus, so you can go back to any previous revision you need to. 

Much more than a public online storage system. Document management. In your secure, private practice system.

Dropbox® and are easy consumer tools for sharing documents, and many lawyers find them convenient for sharing documents in their practices. Amicus Online makes them even better. 

Amicus creates folders for all your matters in Dropbox or Box, so when you add a document to that folder it appears in Amicus – automatically associated with the correct client file. You can also add notes and categorize any of the documents you have stored in Dropbox or Box. Better yet, Amicus indexes the full text of all of these stored documents so when you do a search it also looks through your Dropbox or Box folders too! Seamless and easy, it turns them into a true lawyer’s filing cabinet.

I recommend this product, and the company service behind it is excellent.
— Douglas Holbrook, Holbrook & Assoc.