From filing costs to registration fees, court reporters to expert witnesses, title searches to transaction taxes, you have a lot of disbursements on behalf of your clients. You need a simple, convenient way to keep track of them all. When it comes time to bill, you want to ensure they are all included. In fact, if they start to get too high, it would be great if your friendly assistant would alert you and do an interim bill to collect them.

Amicus Online takes care of this for you.

Amicus Online makes it easy to record every expense, with all its details. It organizes them by type, multiplies unit costs and applies taxes, as you require. All customizable. Manage expenses centrally, or review them per client file. If expenses on any file build up past your threshold, Amicus will let you know. 

So you can have confidence that expenses are tracked, managed and billed on time.

I recommend this product, and the company service behind it is excellent.
— Douglas Holbrook, Holbrook & Assoc.