Online Advantages

Amicus Online runs in your browser. All the application environment, server infrastructure and all that technical stuff is on ultra-secure computers “in the cloud” that are maintained by Microsoft. This has lots of advantages for you:

  • Any computer – you can use it on a PC, Mac, iPad and more. All you need is a modern browser.
  • Anywhere – if you have Internet access, you have your law practice with you. The ultimate in mobility and convenience!
  • No installation required – just log in and get started! Nothing gets installed on your local computer.
  • Always up to date – you always have the latest version, and never need to install updates.
  • Pay as you go – monthly payments mean you only pay for what you use, and never have a big lump cost.
  • Unlimited support included – you are never more than a click away from online support reps who will chat with you and help you out.
  • Tax deductible – most jurisdictions consider subscription costs a deductible operating expense. So the real cost to you is even lower!

I recommend this product, and the company service behind it is excellent.
— Douglas Holbrook, Holbrook & Assoc.