Amicus Online takes the security of your data extremely seriously. Ensuring world-class security for your data involves many aspects:

  • Physical – Amicus Online is hosted on Microsoft® Azure®. Which means your data is in data centers built and managed by Microsoft.
  • Cyber – the cyber-protections (e.g. firewalls, encryption, filtering routers etc.) in Microsoft Azure data centers are state-of-the-art.
  • Redundancy – every piece of information is stored immediately on three servers. Which means you not only have an instant back-up, but also you are protected in case of hardware failure.
  • Geo-replication – to protect you against an unlikely and extreme catastrophe that disabled an entire data center, everything in the data center is replicated in another data center in a completely different geographical location.
  • Data access – your data is stored in a separate SQL database, not mixed with those of other firms. No one at the data centers (or elsewhere within Microsoft) has access to your data. Period. They are not even capable of identifying which database is yours.
  • Encryption – all transmissions of your data are done with 256-bit encryption – which is what banks use for your most sensitive financial data. All documents are encrypted as well.
  • No local “back-door” – some cloud products install information on your local computer which is enough to allow anyone to log into your account. The result is that anyone who has even temporary access to your laptop – physically or by hacking in – can copy this file. And then have complete access to everything that you have put in that cloud system. Amicus Online absolutely does not do this!

I recommend this product, and the company service behind it is excellent.
— Douglas Holbrook, Holbrook & Assoc.