Tablets and Smartphones

You don’t just sit in an office. In court, at a meeting, at home, in transit – wherever you are, you need to be in touch. You can be.

Use an iPad or similar tablet? Great! Amicus Online has been optimized for these devices. It works wonderfully on them! Everything works with a touch. Your entire practice can be with you everywhere you go. 

Sometimes all you have with you is a smartphone. It has a browser, and Amicus will run on it, so you can get at anything you need. But the screen is so small! You prefer to use the tools built seamlessly into your phone – its calendar, address book, tasks and reminders, and of course email. Great – do so. 

Here’s more magic: Every appointment you enter, task you need to do, email you send or phone number you need using most smartphone native apps will also appear in Amicus Online. And vice versa – everything you do in Amicus will appear in the relevant tool on your phone. Automatically. You don’t have to do anything extra. No need to run a sync, or remember to do an exchange. It just happens. So you get all the benefits of practice management, while using the tool of your choice on your phone.

Only Amicus Online can do that. And it’s worth its weight in hourly billings…

Picture this. You’re on your way home. A client emails and asks to meet you tomorrow. You get it on your smartphone, check your calendar, and email back with a suggested time. The client agrees, so you put the appointment in your calendar. You make a reminder to yourself to do some work to prepare for the meeting. All on your phone. Next morning, you open Amicus Online. It’s all there. The appointment is in your calendar, the task is on your list, the emails on the client’s file. Amicus even reminds you to do a time entry for the work you did last night. With a couple of clicks you do so. You have captured billable time you otherwise would have lost. And have the confidence of knowing that everything is organized as it should be.

Your law practice – on your tablet or smartphone.

I recommend this product, and the company service behind it is excellent.
— Douglas Holbrook, Holbrook & Assoc.