There is always an endless list of things to do. Worse, there are so many deadlines! Constant realities in the practice of law. Staying on top of them is vital. Amicus Online can be a big help with both.

It’s your choice about how you want to get organized. You can plan what needs to be done on each of your client files. The tasks appear on the file they relate to, and also on your central list. Or you can start with the big list, and have confidence that your tasks will appear on their files as well. Delegate tasks, and then call up a list of all tasks for an associate on your shared files. Keep track of how they’re progressing.

When you mark something done, Amicus will offer to do a time entry for you. A reward for your hard work!

You probably already have To Do lists in different places. There’s one in your Outlook. The Reminders app on your iPhone is really good. You may use that on your iPad as well. Here’s more good news: the Task list in Amicus Online appears in them all! So you have one list of things to do on all those devices – which makes it hard to forget!

Here’s an example. Using Amicus Online you create a task for reviewing some documents sent to you by your client. You take the documents home and read them the next evening. Checking your phone you see the same reminder about those documents, and with great pleasure mark it done. The next day, as soon as you log into Amicus, it not only knows that you have completed that task, it reminds you to do a time entry for it! Better organization, anywhere you go – and you capture more billable time as well. 

Team-wide & Delegated Tasks


Amicus Online makes it easy to see task lists for your whole team at a glance, so you can stay on top of delegated tasks and balance workloads between firm members.  Each firm member’s tasks appear as a separate column with color coding for easy tracking.

I recommend this product, and the company service behind it is excellent.
— Douglas Holbrook, Holbrook & Assoc.